10 Best Quiet Cafes in Singapore with Free Wi-Fi to Work, Study or Chill

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Are you in search of a peaceful and quiet cafe where you can comfortably work, without having to endure the stifling atmosphere of an office or library? We completely understand; spending extended hours confined in a cubicle can make even the most patient individuals a bit restless.

We also recognize that not everyone has an ideal work-from-home setup. So, why not step out of your comfort zone and explore some welcoming neighborhood quiet cafes that offer free Wi-Fi, accessible power outlets, and a delightful cup of coffee to help you elevate your productivity to the next level?

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1. Twenty Eight Cafe

Nestled on the charming Wilkie Road, you’ll discover a welcoming and well-lit quiet cafe, offering a spacious environment with an assortment of large tables for group collaborations and cozy corners for solo digital nomads. Find the perfect spot, and you’ll have access to convenient power outlets. The cafe’s coffee bar presents reasonably-priced options, starting at just $4 for a shot of espresso. Besides coffee, you can also enjoy fresh juices, cold-brewed tea, smoothies, and milkshakes.

When it’s time to recharge, this work-friendly cafe serves a hearty brunch menu that features both Western classics and Asian rice bowls. Take your pick from dishes like the egg benny ($18), kimchi beef rice bowl ($15), or the delightful sakura ebi angel hair pasta ($18). If you’re in the mood for snacks, they have finger foods such as fries and churros (starting at $6) and tempting ice cream waffles (starting at $8) for dessert.

Twenty Eight Cafe

#01-0628 Wilkie Rd Singapore 228051

2. Soul Brew

Did you know that the open and bright lobby lounge at the new Holiday Inn Singapore Little India can be your quiet cafe for work? It’s no secret; it’s called Soul Brew, a cozy spot designed for budding entrepreneurs, digital nomads, students, or anyone in need of a quick and healthy pick-me-up. With speedy WiFi and plenty of power plugs, your laptop can last all day. Inside, a long communal table is perfect for group brainstorming sessions, while a cozy alcove offers privacy for deep-focus work.

This friendly quiet cafe offers nourishing food, featuring single bowls filled with ingredients that will satisfy your midday cravings with healthier options. From the refreshingly light Superfood Salad with poached pears ($16) to the hearty Chicken Teriyaki Soba Salad ($16), there’s something for everyone. They also serve a signature range of cold-pressed juices freshly made each day using superfood ingredients like turmeric, ginger, beetroot, and kale.

Soul Brew

10 Farrer Park Station Rd, Floor 1 Holiday Inn Singapore, Singapore 217564

3. Amber Ember

Curious about jaffles? Well, you can thank the Australians for this delightful creation that’s essentially a toasted sandwich. Amber Ember, a cozy quiet cafe nestled right between Serangoon and Kovan MRT stations, might be the first to introduce this Australian gem to our sunny shores.

amberember03 edited 10 Best Quiet Cafes in Singapore with Free Wi-Fi to Work, Study or Chill

With its inviting dusty pink and warm neutral decor, this Instagram-worthy cafe offers six jaffle options, all served with their signature purple sweet potato mash. Among them, you’ll find “Cheesus Loves You” ($14) with a blend of gruyere, emmental, and mozzarella, and “Nice to Meat You” ($15) stuffed with beef pepperoni, pork chorizo, and bratwurst. The menu also features delectable dishes like “Amber’s Fried Chicken” ($12) for sharing and a variety of pasta options.

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Amber Ember takes its coffee culture seriously, offering a range of cuppas (starting from $2.50 for espresso to $7 for filter) brewed from single-origin Guatemalan beans. This calm and quiet cafe is also work-friendly spot, equipped with power outlets and free Wi-Fi. Plus, its relatively secluded location means fewer crowds, ensuring you’ll find a peaceful spot to enjoy your time.

Amber Ember

730 Upper Serangoon Rd, #01-01, Singapore 534613

4. Working Title Riverside

Famous for their delectable burgers, the beloved burger bar that made a name for itself on Arab Street has now found a home in the serene Kampong Bugis area. This quiet cafe offers a more spacious and well-lit environment, perfect for work or relaxation. You can grab a cup of coffee starting at just $3.50, and they also feature freshly baked goods that change daily.

With convenient power outlets and free Wi-Fi, it’s an ideal spot for those seeking a peaceful place to concentrate, or perhaps to finally dive into that book you’ve been putting off. The all-day dining menu is extensive, offering a range of options from classic eggs benedict to Aussie-style barbecue, ensuring there’s something for everyone, whether it’s a leisurely brunch, a picturesque dinner, or a family outing.

Encountering a creative block? We’ve all been there. This cozy quiet cafe is adorned with charming knick-knacks and captivating murals, designed to help unravel those mental puzzles. And if that doesn’t do the trick, step outside for a leisurely stroll along the tranquil Kallang river. A dose of sunshine might just clear your mind and spark inspiration, or at the very least, burn off those delicious calories.

Working Title Riverside

Riverside Condominium 51 Kampong Bugis #01-03 Singapore 338986

5. Wakey Wakey

Introducing a brand-new, welcoming open-concept cafe from the same visionary behind Strangers’ Reunion and Curious Palette. This modern cafe boasts large windows and an expansive seating area with room for up to 60 guests, making it a magnet for intrigued passersby. A must-try delight is their customizable waffles paired with your choice of ice cream. Don’t be deceived by its unassuming appearance; priced at just $12, these waffles offer a heavenly taste experience, featuring a delightful crisp exterior and a fluffy interior that’s sure to please your taste buds. Plus, it’s a quiet cafe where you can savor your treat in peace.

Wakey Wakey

302 Beach Rd, 05 The Concourse, #01-04, Singapore 199600

6. Project Send

Discover the excitement of rock climbing minus the ropes at Project Send, a serene yet dynamic climbing haven situated on the second floor of Esplanade Mall in Singapore. Founded by climbers Kenneth Ng and Sarah Chua, Project Send offers bouldering challenges that not only test your strength, technique, and strategy but also provide an ideal setting for bonding with friends and fellow enthusiasts.

With over 5,200 square feet of space, Project Send features 70 routes spanning 12 climbing grades. Its bouldering walls, skillfully designed by renowned Swiss climber Patrick Andrey, provide breathtaking cityscape and riverfront views, offering moments of respite from the intense climbing. Beyond climbing, the facility offers comprehensive programs encompassing strength training, mobility sessions, and mental wellness workshops to enhance your climbing journey.

ase 1 10 Best Quiet Cafes in Singapore with Free Wi-Fi to Work, Study or Chill

After an exhilarating climbing session, Head to Beta Café, a welcoming and quiet cafe. Here, you can relish locally-sourced dishes, refreshing cold-pressed juices, and artisanal coffee while soaking in the community atmosphere. Project Send is not just a climbing destination; it’s a place where climbing enthusiasts and curious visitors can gather, making it the perfect quiet cafe in Singapore to recharge.

Project Send

8 Raffles Ave., #02-29 Esplanade Mall, Singapore 039802

7. Sarnies

If you appreciate relaxed Australian-style cafe cuisine, don’t miss Sarnies. Created by Australian Ben Lee, this eatery lives up to its name with hearty sandwiches like roast chicken with house-cured bacon ($15) and tuna mayo with bell pepper, onions, and coriander ($14.50).

If you’re looking for something more substantial, explore their evening and weekend brunch menus, filled with indulgent choices like truffle mash in bacon ($13) and churros with salted caramel sauce ($10). Pair your meal with Sarnies’ renowned coffee, featured in Lonely Planet’s best coffees list. Take your pick from a wide range of brews, including flat whites, macchiatos, and mochas, at this welcoming quiet cafe.


136 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068601

8. Kith Café Millenia Walk

Kith Café’s brand-new flagship at Millenia Walk offers even more space compared to its Rodyk, Park Mall, and Quayside Isle counterparts. At this quiet cafe you can savor a freshly brewed cup of their coffee (priced between $4 and $7), all expertly crafted in-house. Pair it with delightful housemade pancakes, generously drizzled with maple butter and adorned with honey cream cheese ($15), or indulge in a truffle mushroom sandwich ($16).

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If you visit later in the day, you’ll find a dinner menu featuring a variety of pasta dishes, ranging from aglio olio to ricotta-filled ravioli ($16-$23), and even a kung pao chicken pizza topped with crunchy cashew nuts. And if you’re looking to unwind, they offer wines by the glass ($12-$17) that can turn your hectic day into a peaceful evening at this quiet cafe.

Kith Café Millenia Walk

9 Raffles Blvd, #01-44/45, Singapore 039596

9. So France

Explore this versatile establishment, combining a bistro, wine bar, and gourmet store, offering a delightful taste of France all in one place. Here, you’ll find artisanal delights, globally acclaimed wines, and exquisite delicacies primarily sourced from the Nouvelle Aquitaine South West region. Discover treasures like caviar, foie gras, and Marennes-Oléron oysters at their epicurean store, and then indulge in regional French favorites at their bistro. Savor dishes such as pork pate terrine ($14), garlic butter snails ($18), duck confit ($22), and a wonderfully affordable beef steak ($22). This classy and quiet cafe offers you an unforgetable experience you

So France

7 Fraser Street Duo Galleria #01-51/56 Bugis MRT, Singapore 189356

10. Oriole Coffee + Bar

Oriole Coffee + Bar: a friendly quiet cafe during the day and a lively music-filled bar at night. They take pride in delivering top-notch coffee, ensuring quality from bean to cup. In addition to serving house pour, wine, and beer, this spot offers satisfying lunches and dinners daily. And let’s not forget their fantastic coffee offerings – you can’t pass up the signature in-house cold brew, available in black ($6), white ($7), or with MAD milk ($8), a nutty, non-dairy blend of macadamias, almonds, and dates. It’s a versatile and welcoming place that can also be your quiet cafe retreat.

IMG 4037 min 10 Best Quiet Cafes in Singapore with Free Wi-Fi to Work, Study or Chill

Oriole Coffee + Bar

96 Somerset Rd, #01-01, Singapore 238163

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