9 Recommendations for Digital Marketing Courses in Singapore in 2023

9 Recommendations for digital marketing courses in Singapore in 2023
Digital marketing courses

Digital Marketing Courses in Singapore are becoming increasingly popular as businesses adapt to the new normal of online operations. In this digital age, it is crucial for brands to gain a competitive advantage and attract their target audience in the virtual space. The field of Digital Marketing offers promising career prospects, attracting professionals who are looking to pivot into this emerging industry. Many of our clients are seeking our assistance in navigating this digital landscape.

The Singaporean government is also actively promoting professional upskilling, offering SkillsFuture courses and subsidies to encourage workers in Singapore to enhance their skills in the digital realm. With many of digital marketing programs and courses available, it can be challenging to determine which ones are the most effective. Moreover, if you decide to enroll in these courses, how can you effectively demonstrate your qualifications to potential employers and recruiters in the digital marketing job market?

In this article, we will present the top 8 digital marketing courses in Singapore, providing course details and insights on how you can enhance your employability and skill set by undertaking these courses.

9 Recommendations for Digital Marketing Courses in Singapore

1. Marketing Institute of Singapore

MIS 9 Recommendations for Digital Marketing Courses in Singapore in 2023

Price: SGD 644 to SGD 846 excluding taxes.
Duration: 1 to 1.5 months to complete.
Syllabus: Available on the course website.

Established in 1973, the Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS) proudly serves as the National Body for Sales and Marketing, nurturing and empowering students and professionals in the field. Through its renowned training arm, the Marketing Institute of Singapore Training Centre (MIS Training Centre), MIS has guided numerous individuals, equipping them with industry-relevant knowledge and skills. Additionally, the institute has fostered a strong sense of community by providing networking opportunities for its members, facilitating collaborations and knowledge sharing. Committed to its vision of “Creating Marketers and Digital Marketers” MIS continues to play a vital role in serving the community and advancing the marketing profession in Singapore.

Participants Reviews

“I have studied GDM @ MIS in the year 2006 where I learned Marketing tactics and from 2011 onwards I’m teaching MBA in Hyderabad, India. Its a great place to learn something and lot of enjoyment can be done while learning” – Mahest Kumar Singh

“As i did my online marketing course here so i can recommend this institute to all needy” – Ram Singh

2. Equinet Academy Digital Marketing Modules

Equinet Academy's Webite

Price: SGD 328 and above
Duration: 2 days (9 AM to 6 PM)
Syllabus: Varies for each course

If you want to learn about different aspects of Digital Marketing, Equinet Academy’s Digital Marketing Modules could be a good choice for you. Equinet Academy offers a wide range of Digital Marketing courses that you can explore. They have basic modules for beginners, advanced modules for those with more experience, and elective modules for specialized topics. These courses are designed to offer high-quality training and equip you with important marketing skills that you shouldn’t miss out on.

The best part is that you can apply for up to 70% SkillsFuture subsidies when you enroll in Equinet Academy’s courses. This is definitely a great advantage!

Participants Reviews

“I had been searching for application-based courses on digital marketing, especially on practical tools and bite-sized materials for easy referencing when I chanced upon Equinet Academy. The experience was absolutely brilliant. The trainers are dedicated industry practitioners, not theorists. It was a total fit to what I was looking for – hands-on with comprehensive learning resources provided. I have already recommended Equinet Academy to my friends and business contacts who might need help in getting effective results through digital marketing.” – Ken Tan, Certified Career Coach, Careergowhere

“Currently, I am an MBA student and I can say that conventional and long-established institutions should definitely pay attention to training centers like Equinet. They can learn a lot about how to conduct classes, select and structure content. I felt like in these 16 hours of training not a single minute was wasted – very straight to the point, extremely helpful and applicable.” – Andrey Starodumov

3. General Assembly Digital Marketing Course

General Assembly's Website

Price: SGD 5350
Duration: 10 weeks or 1 week (accelerated)
Syllabus: Available upon request

General Assembly’s Digital Marketing Course is their flagship program designed for individuals new to marketing or professionals looking to explore career opportunities in the field. The course is taught by a team of experienced marketing professionals who have worked with reputable brands such as Google, Parker, and Revlon.

Through this course, students gain practical and comprehensive marketing knowledge that is essential for enhancing their skills and establishing meaningful connections relevant to their career goals. Upon completion, students have the opportunity to create a personal portfolio, which can be a valuable asset when seeking employment in the future.

Participants Reviews

“Getting exposure and time with our instructor and classmates meant we could get to know other industries and how they approach marketing problems. This course gave me the confidence in my decision to move into marketing.” – Kiki Tolentino, Digital Marketing Manager

“GA’s team brings strong industry experience as well as technical and educational expertise. The collaborative approach we’ve developed ensures that each class and every student is supported on their way to a successful career in tech.” – Bridgette Gray, Executive Vice President, Program, Per Scholas

4. Coursera – Digital Marketing Specialization

Cousera's Website

Price: Free
Duration: Approximately 8 months (flexible deadlines)
Syllabus: Available on the course page

Coursera offers free enrollment for anyone who is interested in joining their Digital Marketing Specialization. This program consists of seven courses that are designed to provide comprehensive training on different aspects of digital marketing. Topics covered in the courses include Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and 3D Printing. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers these courses, and they are taught by experienced instructors who are experts in the field of digital marketing.

Participants Reviews

“With Coursera, I learned the fundamental skills I needed to transition to my current career.” – Peter S.

“I’m at the top of my class at the institute, and I’m well-informed of the latest research going on in my field. All of this is possible thanks to Coursera.” – Siddhant S.

5. SMU Academy – Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing

SMU Academy's Website

Price: SGD 1100 and above
Duration: 3 days per module
Syllabus: Downloadable from SMU Academy’s website

SMU Academy’s Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing is available to professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, strategists, social media specialists, and anyone interested. This course, taught by industry experts, offers valuable and current marketing strategies. Its goal is to enhance participants’ knowledge in the rapidly expanding field. To earn the certification, participants must complete six online modules covering topics such as Social Media Marketing, Digital Strategies, Content Display, WordPress, Writing, and other important aspects of digital marketing.

Participants Reviews

“Ideas bounced off with team members have been useful. I particularly like the content on Day 2 as well as on storytelling during Day 1.” – Ms Alyssa Wee

“They are able to combine theoretical frameworks with practical examples from the industry and I like that it’s very competency-oriented, very organised and focused so it gives me value for my time.” – Serene Chen

6. PSB Academy – Marketing Courses

PSB Academy's Website

Price: SGD 620 and above
Duration: 8 days
Syllabus: Available on PSB Academy’s website

PSB Academy provides two diploma courses: Business Management and Digital Marketing. These courses offer valuable knowledge and skills to enhance your abilities in the business field. As a bonus, you will receive dual certificates upon completion – an academic diploma from PSB Academy and a Google Analytics certificate.

After graduating from these courses, you can explore various career paths such as Business Development, PR, Business Operations, E-commerce, and Digital Marketing. But that’s not all! Having completed a course from this respected academy gives you an edge in future career prospects.

Participants Reviews

“Some of the digital marketing skills I gained were Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Also, I got my Google Analytics certification from my digital marketing diploma.” – Rick Andew D Lau

“The quality education that seeks to nurture and shape individuals to achieve their personal and professional best is what drew me to enrol with PSB Academy. The academy has provided me with a holistic education and development in a caring learning environment supported by staff and partners.” – Su Myat Han

7. Smartcademy – Intro to Digital Marketing

smartcademy's website

Price: SGD 620 and above
Duration: 8 days
Syllabus: Available on Smartcademy’s website

If you’re new to digital marketing and want to create your portfolio, Smartcademy’s Introduction to Digital Marketing is worth considering. This course is designed for beginners with no previous marketing experience, making it an ideal starting point for your industry journey. With eight comprehensive lessons, the course aims to provide participants with the essential foundations of digital marketing. Throughout the course, you will explore important concepts including KPI, Facebook Algorithm, Social Media Audit, SEO, and Google Analytics.

Participants Reviews

“I was very impressed by how the entire course was structured. Despite being a short course, the instructors covered a variety of relevant topics, such as SEO, SMO, Facebook Ads, and Google Analytics.” – Kristerbel Pang

“Great place to upskill and expand your knowledge. Took the Intro to digital marketing course and found it very insightful and interesting. Highly recommended even for people with zero marketing knowledge as the instructor is experienced, patient and dedicated!” – Lee LaiQuan

8. National University of Singapore – ISS – Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing and Content Creation

NUS's Website

Price: SGD 400 and above
Duration: 15 weeks (16 days of class time)
Syllabus: Available on the website

A marketer enhances their skills to implement effective marketing strategies that are relevant in today’s fast-paced digital era. The Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing and Content Creations offered by NUS – ISS is designed to actively involve participants in practical projects and cover timely concepts that can benefit their careers. The certification consists of four modules, including Social Media Analytics, Web Analytics & SEO, Digital Marketing, and Online Content. These courses in digital marketing aim to impart the latest and most effective marketing practices and industry trends.

Participants Reviews

“Great lecturers and guest speaker. Their sharing of experience is very valuable.” Chan Wai Hong, Technopreneurship

“This course is informative and allows me to measure campaigns with realistic goals/expectations.” – Wee Diling, Campaign Services Manager, Webnatics Pte Ltd

9. Temasek Poly Microlearning – 12 Essentials of Digital Marketing

Temasek polythecnic's website

Price: SGD 49.99
Duration: 10-15 lessons.
Syllabus: Available on Temasek Polytechnic’s website.
Temasek Polytechnic offers a Digital Marketing Course that focuses on three key aspects: Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. The objective of this course is to assist participants in understanding the basics of the digital marketing realm. This course is designed to be beginner-friendly, enjoyable, and interactive, making it accessible to anyone interested. The modules in this program are designed in a straightforward manner, making it easy for beginners to follow along.

Participants Reviews

“It was really insightful. This program had just the right amount of words for me to gain knowledge without making me feel like I’m reading an article. The “do” section is great as it helped me reflect and gather my thoughts. Not forgetting the videos, which made learning a lot more engaging and fun! All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed my learning journey throughout this program!” – Amanda Poh

“Provides a broad overview of what digital marketing is which can be helpful for individuals who are new to the field. Content is easy for beginners to follow. Learning on Gnowbe has been rather smooth and efficient.” – Sharizan Nakmin

How do these Digital Marketing Courses enhance job prospects and employability?

Digital Marketing Courses serve as valuable additions to your professional background. Think of them as the finishing touch on a cake.
Here are a few ways these courses can boost your employability:

1. Digital Marketing Courses allow you to work on practical projects that enrich your portfolio.

These courses provide hands-on experience in tackling real-world challenges. As a participant, you’ll have the opportunity to run actual digital marketing campaigns and solve practical problems. Employers and recruiters value practical skills and experience over theoretical knowledge alone, making these courses highly beneficial. By completing such projects, you also build a portfolio of tangible results, which is crucial for securing digital marketing job interviews.

While working on real-world projects, you’ll likely be exposed to the latest digital marketing tools and technologies. This exposure helps you stay relevant in your career, improve your skills, and gain a competitive edge. In many workplaces, there may be limited opportunities to experiment with specific digital marketing tools, but these courses provide a platform for you to interact with and learn about them.

3. Digital Marketing Courses facilitate connections with fellow digital marketers

Beyond skill development and problem-solving, these courses offer the added advantage of expanding your professional network. By attending courses, especially those conducted in-person, you have the chance to meet other industry professionals and digital marketers. Building connections with like-minded individuals can be invaluable if you’re considering a career transition or seeking new opportunities in the field.

While we cannot guarantee that completing these courses will automatically land you a Digital Marketing role, we are confident that they will enhance your skillset, broaden your portfolio, and make you more appealing to potential employers!


How do I choose the right Digital Marketing Course for me?

When choosing a Digital Marketing Course, consider factors such as course syllabus, duration, price, and the specific skills you want to develop. It’s also beneficial to read reviews and testimonials from past participants to gain insights into the course content and learning experience.

Why are Digital Marketing Courses in Singapore becoming increasingly popular?

Digital Marketing Courses in Singapore are gaining popularity due to the shift towards online operations by businesses in the new normal. Brands recognize the importance of gaining a competitive advantage and reaching their target audience in the virtual space. As a result, professionals are looking to pivot into the digital marketing industry, leading to a growing demand for courses that provide the necessary skills and knowledge.

How can I demonstrate my qualifications to potential employers after completing a Digital Marketing Course?

Upon completion of a Digital Marketing Course, you can effectively demonstrate your qualifications to potential employers by:

Building a portfolio of the practical projects you have worked on during the course, showcasing tangible results and outcomes achieved through your digital marketing campaigns, highlighting the skills and knowledge gained from the course in your resume and cover letter and mentioning the course completion and any relevant certifications in job interviews.

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