Guide to Success as a Freelance Copywriter in Singapore

Freelance copywriter

In today’s world of online marketing, lots of folks want to be copywriters, especially freelance copywriter. But not many know the best way to get started.

Making awesome ads and writing marketing stuff might seem cool, but hold on before you start applying for jobs online. First things first, you need to know what most copywriters do in Singapore. Understanding the basics of the job will set you on the right track before diving into the application process.

The Involvement of Copywriter

tes9 Guide to Success as a Freelance Copywriter in Singapore

Being a copywriter goes beyond the skill of putting together coherent sentences; it’s not merely about crafting clever one-liners and catchy phrases. While having a degree in communications or marketing is a solid starting point, establishing a long-term career in copywriting hinges on the quality of your work and your ability to deliver tangible results.

Consider this: just because I love singing daily in the shower doesn’t automatically qualify me as a professional Grammy Award-winning singer raking in the big bucks. Similarly, in the realm of copywriting, it’s your audience that ultimately determines your success.

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Regardless of whether a copywriter is employed by a company, an agency, or works as a freelancer for various clients, their performance is primarily judged by the outcomes they achieve. If you specialize in sales copy, clients assess you based on the actual sales or conversions your writing generates. If your forte is crafting blog posts, the value lies in producing high-quality content that not only ranks well on Google but also attracts substantial traffic.

It’s crucial to unlearn certain academic writing habits from school when venturing into the world of business or commercial copywriting. This field comes with its own set of rules that you must understand and master to thrive as a copywriter, whether in Singapore or beyond.

Freelance Copywriter

When you’re a freelance copywriter in Singapore, it’s like running your own small business. It’s not just about writing; you also need to find and keep clients while doing your best work.

The good part is you get to choose what type of copywriting you like and the clients you want to work with. You have the freedom.

You can make good money, but you need to learn some business skills too.

As a freelance copywriter, you’ll pick up new skills to run your own freelance business. This includes selling and promoting yourself on your website or platforms like Linkedin.

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Freelance copywriters don’t have a fixed salary. Some pros make a lot, like six figures a year. But if copywriting is just a side job for you, you might earn around S$1000 to S$3000 a month.

It all depends on how much effort that some freelance copywriters put into finding clients and doing good writing for them!

Start to be a copywriter in Singapore is Simple, but not easy

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Becoming a skilled freelance copywriter in Singapore can happen through different routes, but the journey is pretty similar for everyone.

Most Singapore freelance copywriters need to go through a bit of a tough experience to show they’ve got what it takes.

There’s no clear-cut path to success in copywriting in Singapore, but what we strongly suggest is keeping at it regularly.

The freelance copywriters out there didn’t become experts overnight. It took years of writing for different clients and tackling real projects to get where they are. Going through a process where your work gets evaluated by others, from your content manager to your clients, is how you get better at writing.

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So, the key is to dive into actual projects and work with clients. That’s what will really help you grow as a freelance copywriter.

4 Criteria To Be a Success Copywriter

A successful copywriter possesses four key qualities: curiosity, creativity, a results-driven mindset, and perceptiveness.


Firstly, curiosity is crucial for effective copywriting. It involves delving deep into various topics through thorough research and asking questions to gather essential information. Cultivating curiosity is vital, especially in Singapore’s diverse society, where exploring different cultures and languages can enhance your understanding and curiosity.


Secondly, creativity plays a vital role in copywriting. It allows you to craft engaging narratives and evoke emotions in your readers. To boost creativity, immerse yourself in diverse content, from reading extensively to exploring captivating advertisements in various industries online and offline.

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Results Driven & Client-oriented

Thirdly, being results-driven and client-oriented is essential. A successful Singapore freelance copywriter aims to maximize conversions, such as generating leads or closing sales. Strategic planning, persuasive writing, and addressing concerns in your copy are key elements in achieving this goal.


Lastly, perceptiveness is a critical quality for an effective copywriter. Understanding your target audience is just the beginning; you must write from multiple viewpoints. This includes tailoring messages for diverse platforms like websites, Facebook pages, and email newsletters, or adapting content from print to video and audio formats. Developing these qualities will pave the way for success in the dynamic field of copywriting.

Tips to Become A Success Copywriter

It’s awesome if you have a degree in communications or marketing, but don’t worry if you don’t. There are plenty of ways to get into the copywriting world.

1. Be Proactive and Do an Internship !

Starting with a course is a solid foundation, but the true magic happens when you dive into the world of copywriting through an internship!

If you find yourself unsure about which role aligns best with your skills and interests, take the proactive route and actively seek opportunities to experiment with different roles in the field.

For a comprehensive understanding of the diverse facets of copywriting, opting for an internship at an advertising or creative agency is a fantastic choice. This immersive experience not only broadens your horizons but also provides firsthand knowledge of the industry dynamics.

As you navigate the day-to-day tasks, you get to apply your ideas in a real-world setting, honing your skills and gaining valuable insights into the dynamic realm of copywriting.

2. Build Your Network

Networking is crucial, whether you’re aiming to break into the field as a freelance copywriter or an agency writer!

Meeting professionals in the industry helps you form lasting connections and gives you insight into whether a copywriting job aligns with your goals.

Pro Tip: When networking, focus on adding value to their lives rather than just taking. Consider inviting them for lunch or coffee, or offer to help out for free!

3. Get Some Jobs Experience

Make sure to gain some corporate or agency experience before considering the leap into freelancing!

Freelancing can be challenging, especially if you’re new to handling all aspects of your business, including sales and marketing.

Prioritize honing your writing skills before diving into freelancing; delivering quality work is essential before committing to the freelance copywriter lifestyle.

Begin Your Copywriting Journey Today!

Starting your journey as a freelance copywriter in Singapore is doable, but it requires the right steps and a commitment to constantly improve your writing skills.

This guide aims to provide you with a clearer picture of the copywriting landscape in Singapore (and beyond). It also outlines the best steps you can take before taking the plunge.


How can I start my copywriting journey?

Embark on your copywriting journey by taking proactive steps, such as doing internships, building a network, gaining job experience, and consistently improving your writing skills. The guide provides valuable insights to prepare you for the exciting world of copywriting.

How can I enhance my copywriting skills?

Actively seek internships, experiment with different roles, and consider working at an advertising or creative agency. Networking, adding value to others, and gaining real-world job experience are crucial steps to grow as a successful copywriter.

How do I get started in copywriting in Singapore?

Breaking into copywriting in Singapore is feasible but requires the right steps and a commitment to improving your writing skills consistently.

Is freelancing a good option for copywriters in Singapore?

Freelance copywriter is like running your own small business. While you have the freedom to choose your type of copywriting and clients, it requires honing writing skills and learning business aspects like sales and marketing.

Is a degree necessary to become a successful copywriter?

While a degree is beneficial, it’s not a prerequisite for success. The focus should be on constant improvement, gaining practical experience, and adapting to the unique rules of commercial copywriting.

How much can a freelance copywriter earn in Singapore?

Freelance copywriter earnings vary, ranging from a side income of S$1000 to S$3000 per month for part-timers to six-figure incomes annually for professionals committed to finding clients and delivering quality work.

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