How to Reject Job Offer Politely with Examples

How to reject job offer

So, you’ve landed a job offer, but things have changed, and you’re not as excited anymore. Feel confused about how to reject job offer. Perhaps you’re in a situation where you have a few tempting offers and need to choose one. Turning down a job offer can feel a bit awkward, especially if you’ve invested time in the interview process.

There are moments when saying no to a job offer becomes necessary. Maybe the offer doesn’t align well with your goals, or perhaps you’re juggling two appealing options at once. While it might feel uneasy, declining a job offer can become smoother by following some helpful tips.

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In this piece, we provide advice on gracefully how to reject job offer and offer ready-to-use email examples that you can personalize according to your situation.

Key things to remember:

  • “How to reject job offer” can greatly impact your career. You want to handle the situation diplomatically and avoid burning any bridges.
  • When you decline, make your decision clear and assertive to prevent any misunderstandings.
  • Express gratitude for the offer and avoid delving into too much detail about your reasons for saying no.

How to Reject Job Offer Politely

Here are steps on “How to Reject Job Offer” you can take if you decide to turn down a job offer:

1. Don’t Delay in Responding

Once you’ve made up your mind about “how to reject job offer”, don’t put off responding to the employer. Informing them promptly is a kind gesture that helps them move forward faster. This demonstrates your gratitude for the offer and respects their time.

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2. Keep Your Message Simple and Direct

When turning down a job offer, start by being clear and sincere in your communication. You don’t need to overly praise the job, the company, or the people you’ve interacted with—it’s a rejection message after all. Express your thoughts respectfully and avoid being overly emotional.

3. Show Your Appreciation for the Offer

The next steps on “how to reject job offer” tips is express gratitude to the hiring manager, not only for the job offer but also for their time and effort during the entire process. Maintain a thankful tone as you compose your message, conveying that you value their time and dedication.

4. Give a Reason But Don’t be Specific

Turning down a job offer can stem from various reasons. It could be that the compensation wasn’t what you had hoped for, or you had reservations about how well you’d click with the hiring manager, or maybe you just didn’t find the company particularly appealing in the end.

Though these are valid grounds for declining an offer, it’s not necessary to spell them out in your rejection message. It’s enough to mention that you’ve accepted an offer from another company or that this particular offer isn’t the right match for you.

For example:

  • I want to express my gratitude for extending this job offer—it’s an exciting chance. However, after thoughtful consideration, I’ve decided to accept a different position at another company.
  • Thank you for this opportunity to join your team. I truly value it, but I regret to say that I need to decline your offer at this moment.
  • I appreciate your offer and the time you’ve dedicated to considering my application. Regrettably, after careful thought, I’ve chosen to continue in my current role.

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5. Think About to Stay in Touch

If you formed a rapport with the hiring manager, even though the job didn’t match your needs, you could suggest staying connected and share extra contact details. Yet, when you decline an offer, there’s no pressure to do this.

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That being said, some individuals might see this chance as a chance to expand their professional connections in the future.

How to Reject Job Offer email examples

As mentioned earlier, when you’re saying no to a job offer, you should keep your reply straightforward, concise, and easy to understand. Here, we provide two email samples that gracefully decline a job offer in a clear and respectful manner:

Example 1: if you’ve accepted another job

Subject line: Job offer – [Your name]

Hello Mr./Ms. [mention hiring manager’s last name],

I wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude for extending the opportunity for me to join [company name] as [position name]. After careful thought, I’ve opted to take on a different role at another company.

I truly valued our discussions and am grateful for the effort you invested in interviewing me throughout these past weeks.

Once more, I appreciate your time and consideration. I wish you ongoing triumph and eagerly anticipate the chance to cross paths again down the road.

Warm regards,

Example 2: If the job isn’t a good fit

Subject line: Job offer – [Your name]

Hello Mr./Ms. [mention hiring manager’s last name],

I wanted to express my gratitude for presenting me with the opportunity for the [position name] role. Nevertheless, upon reflection, I’ve determined that this doesn’t align with my current career aspirations.

Our conversations and interactions with your team were truly engaging, and I’m thankful for the insights you provided about the [company name]’s direction.

Once more, thank you for your consideration and time. I send you my best wishes for ongoing achievements.

Best regards,

Tips for “How Reject Job Offer”

Here are a few last pieces of advice on “How to Reject Job Offer” tutorial:

When you decide to decline a job offer, make sure you’re making a thoughtful choice. Once you’ve turned down the offer, the likelihood of being offered the position again is extremely low. It’s important to note that this isn’t the time to try negotiating for better terms.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to turn down the job offer if it doesn’t align with your needs. Rejecting a job offer can be tough and sensitive, but when handled properly, it allows you to move toward the right job and maintain your professional connections.

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