NewJeans x Spotify: Gen Z Brings The Evolution of Promotion

Gen Z Brings The Evolution of Promotion in 2023

Concerts are a really cool experience especially for Gen Z, because of the thumping bass sounds and the excited crowd. Artists do concerts often to connect with fans and hopefully sell more music.

But, like what happened with Taylor Swift tickets recently, it’s really tough for artists to travel everywhere and make sure every fan can enjoy their music at a concert.

Now, with streaming platforms like Spotify, many artists compete to get on people’s playlists to make money. It’s hard to not only connect with listeners, but also to stand out.

But there’s some good news! Spotify and a South Korean pop group called NewJeans are teaming up to solve this. NewJeans wants to promote their new EP called Get UP, so they joined forces with Spotify. They’re offering special stuff like exclusive content, digital experiences, and even pop-up events to make their music more exciting for fans.

The team-up involves a holiday-themed Bunnyland pop-up and big rabbits wearing headphones. These special rabbits, named Spotibuninis, showed up at malls in places like Jakarta and Manila. To make it even cooler, they used a computer program to suggest playlists that match each member of the girl group.

When advertisers try to find good ways to sell music, the partnership between Spotify and NewJeans shows that young people in Gen Z want new and exciting ways to enjoy things that involve all their senses. So, how should music makers and companies promote their music nowadays?

Gen Z folks need to be immersed

Ryan Dickinson, who leads creative efforts at MassiveMusic Singapore, explains that in our world of computers and screens, getting people really involved and creating experiences in the real world is a better way to catch their attention.

“People want to try something different from the usual stuff they see all the time. They like it when a brand does something new that they can touch and feel. It’s not just about looking at it; it’s about using our senses in different ways,” he said.

Luke Simkins, a creative leader in a group called MBCS, agrees with this idea. He thinks that the experiences need to be big and exciting to get lots of people interested. This excitement can then spread on social media.

“Big experiences get more people excited because young folks want to be part of something big. They also want to show on social media that they’re at something big,” he said.

Also, marketers create these engaging experiences for music because music doesn’t stay in the spotlight for a long time, unlike products or brands. Justian Edwin, who helps lead a company called Katch, said that if marketers don’t make music exciting, Gen Z might have to wait until the artist releases something new to try again.

Gen Z

Immersive experiences offer the feeling of intimacy

When it comes to promoting something as intangible as music, Simkins points out that it’s like trying to share a feeling. Marketers need to think about how their customers emotionally connect with the music – including what friends, peers, and the community think about it, how people personally feel about the song, and their thoughts about the artist.

Immersive experiences work well because they can make people feel a certain way and create a certain atmosphere. Even though you don’t actually meet the artist, these experiences can bring you really close to them, according to Simkins.

Similarly, Edwin mentioned that when marketing music, the important feeling to focus on is a sense of closeness. This helps to make the bond between fans and the artist stronger.

“In this situation, NewJeans isn’t just selling the EP itself, but the whole experience that mainly revolves around feeling close to its members,” he said.

While the music market generally wants this sense of closeness, it’s especially important for the Gen Z group. Gen Z need this emotion to feel satisfied and to connect with artists in various ways through immersive campaigns, Edwin explained.

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How are Spotify and NewJeans collaborating?

Spotify and NewJeans, a South Korean pop group, have teamed up to promote NewJeans’ EP “Get UP.” They’re offering special content, digital experiences, and pop-up events to make the music more exciting for fans.

Why do big experiences attract more crowds?

Huge experiences attract larger crowds, especially among young people, because they want to be part of something significant and share it on social media.

Why is a sense of intimacy important for Gen Z consumers?

Gen Z consumers seek intimacy to feel satisfied, connect with artists, and engage with immersive campaigns in multiple ways. This emotional connection is particularly vital for their engagement.

What is the article about?

The article discusses how marketers are changing their approach to promoting music, especially to Gen Z, by using immersive experiences and collaborations between artists and platforms like Spotify.

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