SEO for Beauty Salon | SEO Marketing Strategy and Technique

Beauty Salon nowadays are getting onto Digital Marketing to gather audience and attention especially from Google search audience.

Reaching to First page of google search, will give you a cutting edge over your competitor.

Here are some SEO strategy and technique for Beauty Salon designed to give your beauty salon website a boost in their search engine and improve the level of engagement from people who come to your site engage your service.

Why is SEO important to Beauty Salon?

Like stated above, listing on the first page of Google for your Beauty Salon is critical to ensure new and increasing traffic to your website and converting them to your customers.

Base on Statistic,

Over 90% of the users will only clicks on the first page of the Google search results, and there is also a joke saying that “the best place to hide something is on the second page of Google”. So, getting onto first page is the all most important criteria of your website.

Base on Ubersuggest,

The keyword Beauty Salon had a search of 590 searchers a month, with the cost per click is 2.90sgd. Having to say that means if you are doing the ads, you are paying 1.7k SGD a month to ranked first page.

Base on Semrush,

In Singapore, your SEO competitions of Beauty Salon keywords is at 10millions links including foreign URL, which means your competition for this keyword is very high.

Having to say all these SEO for Beauty Salon becomes very competitive and if you are not doing something about it, you are losing 590 customers a month, and are you ready for that? If not keep reading as we explore how you can turn your website into a 24x7 Salesman online!

seo for beauty salon

Planning Stage of an SEO strategy

As the saying goes, “you failed to plan, you planned to fail”, your need to start planning what you need to get your SEO ranked.

Have you check out our SEO Audit Checklist – Click on the link and it will guide you on your way to SEO your website.

And to do that planning a SEO Strategy required these following steps;

SEO – Find your customers

You will be surprised, knowing your customer is the first and foremost important about your SEO strategy in ranking your keywords. Choose your keywords that is most easy for them to find you online will speak their language and allow them to engage you more!

So how to identify your customers? These are the 5 common questions you can ask yourself.

  • Who are your audience in your Beauty Salon?
  • What is the produce they are most interested in your Beauty Salon?
  • Where are they located or where your Beauty Salon is located?
  • How your Beauty Salon engage with them?
  • When do they often search for your Beauty Salon?

With this information you are more ready to nail down what you really need for your SEO keywords and how you can achieve Page One Ranking result.

Study your competitor

Chinese have a saying is that “Make your enemy your best friend”, this saying have a lot of depth to the meaning. It is asking you to know them well enough like your best friend. How does that suppose to help you?

Seeing your competitor check what is the keywords they ranked for, what they wrote, and how it was written, from there understands what drawn their customers. From there you will discover some of the unique keywords they are targeting and still achieve good flow of traffic and customers to their website.

Through these searches of your competitors, you can also understand that some of the organic keywords result dominate by big competitors? If so, you may find it a challenging path to rank up unless you are paying a high figure costing to rank your SEO campaign. Alternatively, you will be better off targeting “long-tail” keywords to rank more specific yet relevant to your services.

Study the SEO keywords for Beauty Salon

As mentioned above, choosing a longer tail keywords which is more specific and relevant yet generate a substantial amount to capture the traffic. So, choosing the volume vs the difficulties level of the keyword will require a major decision from you.

In a Beauty Salon, it is tempting to target the keyword “Beauty Salon” itself and assuming the high search volume users will be converting to actual users, in which they are competing with website domain like Wikipedia, Yelp and so on. These searchers might just be searching for information regarding the keywords itself, not looking for a product service.

Our recommendation to your SEO keywords selection will always be related to your areas (localisation) and products (productization). Which means keywords will likely to be “acrylic nails beauty salon yishun”.

For the best approach of the SEO keywords strategy should always matches the speciality, and the customers experience of your business.

Spend some good time researching the most specific SEO keywords for your Beauty Salon, alternatively you can approach us – your preferred SEO agency in Singapore for an answer!

Engaging A SEO friendly Website design

Engaging a good Website Development Company in Singapore is important to your Beauty Salon. AS it plays a major part of your marketing and SEO strategy. As a matter of fact, Google does qualify your website through these several criteria;

Insert Google Analytics and Google Search Console

The best way to rank SEO in Google is to use Google tools to manage and examine on it. No one knows your website better than Google itself. How to rank it? Ask Google to help you!

Having the Google Analytics, you will be able to understand your customer better, how long they look around for, what pages they visit, if they're on their computer or phone? All these Google Analytics can help you and more.

Google Search Console examine your website from the bone to the surface, knowing it from the search point of view, where your website is at, which search terms they are using, what are the things they click at. Once you understand your viewer, that where the magic happens.

Ensure your website is mobile friendly

Mobile friendliness is part of the criteria in SEO, Google even have a different set of ranking for mobile viewers only, basically you might be ranking page one in desktop, but you might be ranking page two on the mobile. And if you are not mobile friendly, it will create serious damage to your SEO ranking. Google takes mobile optimization into consideration when ranking your website.

Speed of the website

MHow fast your Beauty Salon website, do you know that 33% of the viewers will leave immediate if your website took longer than 3 second to load. Not only that your visitors will be leaving the website, but Google also will be penalised you if your website is slow.

Most of the Beauty Salon website thinks that high resolution images will attract customers and kept them excited about the products and services, however high resolution images will make the website very slow and takes a longer time to load these images before it can function, and this is when your ranking will be affected!

To know if your website speed is slow or not, test it with the Google Page Speed Insights to see how you can improve your website overall.

If you are looking for an SEO agency! – Contact Us Today! We will be there to serve you!

beauty salon content

Interesting Content

Content is criteria to your website and whatever is published on your website is going to be crawled and verified by Google. Google qualified high quality and original content, and also very effective for your readers as well.

Something you do not know about Content is that SEO Page Title, SEO Meta Description and SEO Meta Keywords and Tags, are important factor to the SEO strategy.

How to implement your SEO Keywords

The keywords that you identify during your SEO strategy, you will need to implement them to the website, this portion you might need a web developer to get it done.

Looking for a website development programmer? Speak to Us today! We will gladly help you.

SEO Meta Title and Description

These Meta tags are used to identify the behaviour or characterise of your website. This is the part where Google search engine will capture the information from it. The information stated in the Meta Tag will eventually display in the Google Search result.

The text limited for Meta Title is 70 characters and the Meta Description is 160 characters.

Make use of them wisely so that they can attract actual visitors when they are searching from the Google search result.

Page Heading

Page Header is also referred as H1, this is the title of the page. Important thing about this is that it have to be SEO friendly and also attract readers.


This is where the body or the meat of the write article is about where Google often crawled to identify the story and engagement. This is where your keywords should be mentioned in the writing, so that the Google can identify the content through crawling.


The same content applied to the image as well, the ALT text is a tag that describe the image in words. Just like before mentioned, the wording should be localised and productised as much as possible.


Video shouldn’t be uploaded in the content as it will cost the website to be slow, we should consider adding the video to Youtube, and using iframe to display in the website.

Increase your Visibility and Citation

Create Google my business

Google local ranking is hugely determined by Google My Business, so you need to make sure that you are doing it absolutely right. Once you created your business account, make sure that it’s complete and optimized. The simplest things like the category, keywords in placed and your descriptions all is critical for GMB.

Have you read up our “Digital Marketing Tips: How to setup Google My Business 2019”?

Alternatively you can contact us Digital Marketing Buzz to help you with your Local SEO.

Optimizing your Google My Business account

Once you are done with the setup, entering more details of your business such as the business hours, type of payment you accept, and various profile of your business.

Some people said that constantly updating your photos in the account also help Google to recognize your business as active and will automatically rank you higher.

Get Links from business directory especially the local ones

Here are some of the business listing you can seek to achieve

Facebook Page

Yelp Account

LinkedIn Profile

Bing for Business

Yellow Pages

About Me

Amazon Alexa

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Looks for Positive SEO backlinks

Positive SEO backlinks are links from:

  • Business Bureau
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Industrial Association
  • Gov. Edu. Pages

These are high DA pages where had been there in business for years. Getting a positive backlink from them will aid your way in the SEO and Citation as well.

If you not sure how are we going to get these firm to link back to you, seek for DMB to assist you! Our friendly sales representative will assist you.

why choose beauty salon

Why choose us to do SEO for your Beauty Salon?

After reading all the mentioned as above, you should see how time consuming can be for doing a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign strategy. With the ever-changing requirement and regulation, you will be too busy following up with the SEO changes than to focus on your business itself.

So why not leave it for the SEO Expert – Digital Marketing Buzz, to handle your SEO salon website, while you focus on what you does best is to create better services and better product for your customers while we focus on getting traffic and delivering new customer to your website.

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