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Advertising Agency SERVICES – Google Massive Reach

If you type “google” in your search engine, you will find that “google” goes beyond a particular brand. It has been defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary because the term “google it” has been seen as a one-stop solution for every person worldwide. Are you feeling heartbroken because your boyfriend has left you? Google it! Want to expand your business by looking for potential partners? Google it! Google acts as medicine for everyone’s problems nowadays.

Every second, there are 63,000 searches performed on Google and 2+ trillion searches for a year. Most search results pages show that most people look for solutions to problems, which is what your business can offer; even though you need to pay for the ads, the potential of our brand is to be known and lead to sales because of its vast reach.


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The Nature of Advertising

When people visit Google, most of their intention will be to find answers to something they need. This intention differs from their purpose when they open social media. Hence, the nature of Google itself has allowed your business to advertise better to your specific audiences.

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Google Comprehensive Ability

With an equipped advertising agency services, detailed information about every stage of your buyer’s journey makes it easier to specify particular ads for a specific purpose. For example, putting board-type keywords will direct your ads more to prospects at the earlier stage of the buying process. A long-tail keyword leads more to the opportunities at the further stage instead. Advertising Agency Services will set the expectation they need to gain by spending their time in Google. You can utilize this moment to make attractive ads as good as possible, so people can find that your ads are valuable as they are.

What is Advertising, and what is Google Ads?

Google ads are paid online advertising supported by the Google search engine. Back then, Google Ads rebranded the name in 2018. When you use Google ads to promote your product or service, users will see your ads as denoted with an “ads” label in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Google advertisements founded in two parts of the result page. First, it is shown above the organic results. Second, you can find it on the bottom part of the result page.

Furthermore, you also need to know about Display ads that Google offers through the Google Display Network. The online advertisement was exposed through this platform by gathering third-party websites that also collaborate with Google and have agreed to the terms and conditions set by Google. The form of an element that you can put within the Display ads may range from texts, videos, and images. In the end, your ads can be found in the selected website areas since you collaborate with Advertising Agency Services, which also utilizes Google to advertise its products or services.

The working method of Google ads lies in the principle of PPC (Pay-Per-Click). Therefore, planning and potential mapping keywords are fundamental because marketers compete with each other by making bids on the keyword. How you set your budget determines whether or not you get a place for the advertisement in Google.

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CPC (Cost-per-Click)

In CPC, your bid is related to the cost you must pay when a user clicks on your ad.

CPM (Cost-per-Mile)

In CPM, your bid is related to the cost you need to pay per 1000 ad impressions.

CPE (Cost-per-engagement)

In CPE, your bid is related to the cost you must pay when a user does a specific action through your ad.

After delivering your bid, Google will assess it using the quality score element. Quality score is the prediction about the quality of your ads, including the keywords used and the performance of your landing page. If the assessment score is high, a chance for lower and better ads position can be achieved.

Ranging from 1-10, your quality score will be integrated with your bid, which will soon determine your rank in the Google search engine. Keep in mind if several users are clicking on your ads, in this case, you need to pay a small fee called pay-per-click. Though you need to pay, the clicks done by the users might be the opportunity that means a higher level of brand awareness, a purchase of a particular product or a lead for your brand.

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The Right Choice for Your Advertising Agency Services

We have years of experience in dealing in the digital marketing world to provide data-based market insights and strategic campaigns both locally and internationally. In charging your business’s growth through Google ads, we equip ourselves with the most recent technologies to ensure that we fulfil our promise for you through the efficiency in our business performance to help your ads generate more leads and sales.

Google Advertising Analysis

In this service, we help you analyze your Google Ads potential for a better strategy in your advertising method. First, we provide a strong prediction of your business’s opportunities in selling particular products or services using Google ads. Please give us full access to your former data that work closely with our work so the marketing plan we create can be precise. The thorough process builds concrete and well-founded projection of your sales using Google ads.

Google Ads Checking

In this service, our Google ads experts help you check the effectiveness of your Google ads campaign so you can create a better marketing strategy next time. By improving your Google ads performance, you can reduce the cost of the campaign’s production and increase the number of sales and the number of inquiries. In addition, the checking method we use is personalized to you so that it will be more concrete and relatable to your situation.

Google Shopping

In this service, first, we help you connect with your online customers around the corner and across the globe. Not only creating new leads but also strengthening the current relationship that you have built with your customers. We use our diverse platforms like Youtube, Google Assistant and Maps to connect with the shoppers at every stage. As your traffic has grown, so does your brand performance to your customers.

FAQ For Advertising Agency Services

When you offer us about Google Ads service, how many forms of its services?

There are a variety of campaign’s forms that you can access when you decide to use our Google ads service. The first type is a search campaign. It appears as a text in the results page for the keyword. Second is a shopping campaign that is effective to be used to promote your products in a visual method.

The last form of advertising your brand through Google ads is by using an app campaign. You just need to provide detailed assets like text or pictures needed for your ads, then the app will furnish the design for you.

We cannot give you a fixed price, because it also depends on various factors like the competitiveness of your keywords, the geographic location of your business, as well as the quality of your campaign. In Singapore, the average cost per click for Google reach is 58 percent less than the US average. The US cost-per-click in all industries is $2.32. However, if you decide to get our advertising agency services, the price might be adjusted to what service you will take and your brand as well.

Our Google ads management service can be used by a variety of organizations like small and local businesses, website design and digital marketing agencies, non-profit organizations, e-commerce businesses and national advertisers and more. We provide an effective process to help your business get promoted through Google ads with a reasonable price. Also, we work with particular non-profit organizations as our way to give back. We help these non-profit organizations appeal more and increase in the search engine to expand their impact.

First, our client-on-boarding team will set up the preparation for you once you have dealt with our service. This includes setting up your Google account, developing the initial list of keywords, and assigning you to a certain account manager who will work closely with you to craft a strategy for your ads. Second, we will analyze the idea that has been implemented, and decide a strategy to improve the ads performance. The frequency of the optimization process depends on our ads performance, whether or not it already meets your company’s goals.

Well, there is no fixed model that can be applied to a particular goal. We usually do A/B tests to learn what ads, bidding strategies, landing pages or keywords bring in the most qualified leads. The A/B model enables us to discover what works and what does not. The idea of A/B model is taking two different ads that are being exposed to the same audience. Then, we can see which one performs better.