Application Development

In the current technology and digitalization era, almost everyone would be having at least one smartphone with us, it’s also statistically that proven the needs of having application installed to increase the level convenience, being user friendly and ability to use to on the go or even overseas wherever there is internet connection.

Why Apps is so important?

The demand for application is on the rise when the technologies improves and people is always seeking the ease of having work done when they are mobile. There is a need across industries ranging from E-commerce, Finance, Logistics, Engineering and Customer Service. It’s the integration of having different modules of works on the office desk to be transferred over the ease of a mobile handheld device.

There is a need for organisation to come up with application to support their services, this to keep up with the speed of evolving technologies and digitalisation, for logistics company there would need applications for their customer to track their shipment, making enquiries, liaising with the correct person, if there isn’t any application here, you could have imagine the need of having so much more manpower by just joining the gaps between each services.

I really wanted to write a long review about this awesome application, but something came in the way. Bottomline, the app works really well and I am happy I purchased it.

Adeline See | Experian

Mobile App Layer

Application Development Process

Requirement Gathering

First of all we need to have a very clear understanding and vision of direction on what do the application need to perform on, it would be both the frontend and backend activities for having management of users accounts, access rights, setting up on user interface, designing of types of application notifications. Frontend would be user testing and optimization, data handling and real time synchronization online and offline usage(if any).

Game Plan

A game plan which is how the application flows, the description of every function available on how is each functions interrelated to another function as there is a need to check on data integrity and functionality. There would be a quick logic diagram on the course of actions for the users when they are on the applications and administrator when they are using the application back ends this usually is for member managements.

Application Delivery

Digital Marketing Buzz would ensure the smooth handing over and support after the application is live and in operations. Our project manager would be the first point of contact if there are any technical glitch along the way to provide timely rectification and keep the downtime to the minimum.

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