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Stagnant growth of customers

Content Marketing (6 times higher conversion rate than other digital marketing approaches)

Although people nowadays switch their buying and selling activities to the online platform, it does not mean that they merely buy any products or use services that have emerged in the market. People also see your brand’s quality and performance through your content. 70% of people prefer to be loyal to the brands that create customizable and useful content consistently as it shows the willingness to build a good relationship with customers.

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72% of the businesses ROI increased significantly by the power of video content.

While people are engaged in the online world, they face an abundance of contents offered in different forms. Video is one of the most preferable forms to help your customers understand your brand’s value. It raises the customers’ interest up to 94% to buy the product because video provides a balanced portion between image, texts as well as the sound from the audio. Before deciding to make a purchase or other actions, customers will likely go to your online platforms to read your content. It proves that content holds the fundamental aspect to the customer’s buying decision, which later will lead to your business’s profit.

61% of the U.S. online customers made a purchase after reading testimonials from blogs.

Another foundation of your content marketing is located through blogs. Businesses that consistently launch content to their blog are 13x more likely to see a positive ROI than those which do not prioritize it. Blogging activity talks more than just routine information. It continuously churns out fresh, delightful and enjoyable conversation through a great content marketing strategy. Thus, a smart business has to start investing in the full-funnel of content marketing to create a long-term and sustainable result.

Maximizing the “KING” element of your business

About Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the marketing methods that support the other marketing efforts of your business. It encourages your brands not only to shout out the words, but also live the words or promises you give to your customers. The best indicator to use in order to know that a business really lives the value they give is through the consistency of the content they produce.

When your business creates a wealth of valuable and relevant content consistently, your customers will consider them as the representative of your brand. Hence, adding more value to the content surely leads to customer’s trust and loyalty. Once your business publishes valuable content on various platforms, customers will assume that you are the leader in the industry, so you can enhance the market share of the business.

Grow your Content today check  out our blogs and articles to guide you in your content marketing experience.

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Maximizing the “king” element of your business with Digital Marketing Buzz!

“Content is a king”. Doing a lot of efforts to optimize your SEO, social media and website is useless if customers find no interesting point toward your content. Thus, our team is willing to help you optimize the content put through all your marketing channels from its gravels. Make your business gain a positive reputation and customer’s trust by maximizing your content. Our expert will help you establish E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) content, manage content’s schedule and optimize the content features in the form of infographics, e-newsletters, video marketing and press releases. Starting from today, let’s make your brand shout out the commitment not only a campaign! Only with Digital Marketing Buzz!

FAQ For Discord Management Services

What is content marketing in short?

Basically, content marketing is the overall process of producing valuable and relevant content for your business, from doing customer’s preference research to evaluating the execution of the contents using analytical measurement.

How significant is it for my business to do content marketing?

Talking about the significance, you need to think of another probability that can happen if your business does not put high concern on its content marketing strategy.

Marketing is like the food plating and design you prepare for your customer, but content is the taste of food that your customers feel after they are captivated with your plating.

Taste is the fundamental key that affects a consumer’s behavior after eating the dish you offer. Could you imagine the feeling of disappointment that you could experience after giving lots of effort to design the food, but it turns out the customer throws that food and tells you that they will not come back?

This illustrates the value of content to your business. If you think your business runs well although the content just so so, be careful. You might not know what your competitors are doing.

Even your loyal customers might consider switching into your competitor as they find the contents provided are more valuable and useful.

What is included in the package if I sign for Content Marketing Service with Digital Marketing Buzz?
  1. Content Strategy (based on the holistic research our team has done to customers, competitors, and communication platforms). 
  2. Content Development (monthly schedule of the content schema) 
  3. Content Execution (blog post, video, and image-based content)
  4. Content Optimization (integrating back-links and long tail keywords)
  5. Content Reporting (monthly report using quantifiable tools for your content’s performance and audience’s engagement).
What differentiate Digital Marketing Buzz with the other companies that also offer Content Marketing Service?

We are renowned as the leading local SEO agency in our market, as we have experienced in the digital marketing world for more than a decade.

Being well-known as the leader of the local SEO firm indirectly proves our credibility in creating the content marketing that will optimize your SEO in general. Additionally, we provide a holistic service throughout the components inside our Content Marketing services.

It represents our dedication to help your entire marketing planning and execution. Meanwhile, your business can also adjust to the package according to your needs. We customize our service to make you more convenient!

How to measure the result of content marketing?

It is very essential to ensure the money you invest for content marketing services is worth the value. However, measuring the result of content marketing needs to be tailored according to your company’s goals.

For example, we consider the number of leads and conversion rates as the important measurements if your goal is to bring up the leads. Yet, the website traffic and bounce rate are more fundamental if the target is to increase brand awareness.

Could I see the result of the content marketing in a short-term?

As a specialist in this field, we have been exposed to many projects related to content marketing and we suggest our client to enhance their vision into a long-term strategy. In fact, you might see the improvement of social shares and new leads in the first months because of our content marketing strategy.

However, you need to realize that your content can provide value for many years to come. So, treat it as your long-term asset to build trust, loyalty, and generate sales far into the future.

What is a content calendar?

A content calendar is the written schedule that acts as one tool to help the process of executing organized run. This editorial calendar consists of the complete aspects needed before the content is published, like the date, time, place to upload, and caption used for each content.

At Digital Marketing Buzz will help you to break down your big goal into the smaller ones in order to build a detailed content calendar that aligns to your client’s preference and brand’s vision.

How many times do I need to upload content for my business?

Since every business has different vision and products or services offered, the content frequency needs to be adjusted to your business. Businesses that work in a lifestyle sector might generate leads because of sharing the short snippets daily, whereas others may get more value from creating long-form content once a week or twice a month.

Instead of claiming a certain number of frequencies as best for your business, we recommend a more important element for strategizing your content. It is consistent. Yes, striving to be consistent is the key. It makes your brand exposed to the followers regularly so that they will not forget it. By generating more valuable content, it will boost your reliability and make your audience become addicted to your content.