Opening up an unlimited opportunities with Discord!

Scale up your business’s communication flow to all stakeholders with Discord! Our team will help you manage your Discord account to engage with current customers, potential clients, and your internal team! There are unlimited possibilities; this platform to scale up your business flow.

Adding value to your business with Discord Management Services

Discord is a community chat application where all users (gamers, businesses, actresses, and students) create communication servers to build and engage with their community. As mentioned, Discord users can modify their channel based on the need and preferences of that community. One person will control the whole Discord, including the track, safety and security, and bots usage.

When a business uses Discord as a communication platform, the server can accommodate multiple channels by giving hashtags in each channel’s name.

Each channel can be designed for different purposes and settings related to the allowed users who come to the channel. Furthermore, Discord’s users can join several accounts (communities or businesses they are interested in) simultaneously and communicate through the different servers through text, voice, video, or picture.

The first step that you need to do is to download the app and register an account. When you have logged in, there will be several options will be offered to you from the setting. Keep in mind that Discord needs someone as the sole controller to manage all sorts of settings that can help achieve the objectives of your community goal.

Discord is easy for your business to implement as it can be accessed from a desktop browser, smartphone, or desktop app. However, you will need to consider the strategy of managing this super-app, so the money and time in building the community through Discord marketing are well invested. Discord Management Services is the Answer for you!

Your Trusted Partner for Discord Management Service

Discord Management Services provides your business with lots of functions that enable your business to engage with the community, which will lead to the improvement of brand awareness that hopefully generates your sales. How to use them, leave it to an expert while you focus on growing your business and community.

Digital Marketing Buzz is the First Discord Management Services Specialist in Singapore and is ready to be your Discord Consultant to help you strategies, manage, and grow your Discord community. We are sure you know management is essential to every aspect of the business. So does your Discord!

With more than a decade of experience in this industry, we offer you a complete package of Discord Management Services, from preparation to the optimization stage. We know the importance of a healthy and growing online community, as today’s online presence generates rapidly. To achieve that goal, several elements like attracting followers, dealing with customer feedback, and creating targeted campaigns to level up your sales.

The Right Choice for Your Discord Community

Our team consists of professionals who are devoted to uplifting your business by building the Discord community that will be tailored to your needs for 3 important reasons:

Great Experience

Investing your time, money and sweat to build your business’s Discord community is a lovely idea! However, one thing you need to consider is the company’s track record that provided you with Discord Management Services. Speaking of experience, Digital Marketing Buzz has dived into the digital marketing environment for more than a decade. Our track record speaks from our customer’s testimonials and clients’ results, and we let our work speak loudly by themselves.

Personalized Process

We will begin to build a community based on your targeted social discussions. The way we enlarge your community base is by gathering like-minded individuals so they can also become your loyal customers.

After bringing together the community, we will develop the networking system in your business’s Discord through our marketing strategies. The Discord Management Services – marketing campaigns enable you to accelerate the growth of your Discord. Our team will help you by creating an effective and efficient system so you can answer your customer’s questions or solve their problem instantly.

While everything has been established, we will find new strategies continuously and cut the outdated ones if it does not bring many results to your Discord.


Result Driven

After all the processes we have explained, we will produce the analytical report as the track record of our progress and identify results.

FAQ For Discord Management Services

What marketing strategy do you use to manage the Discord Community management?

Audience’s Identification

We will create a survey toward the existing condition of your current customer. The purpose of this survey is to reveal the characteristics of your customers in order to conduct an effective Discord Management Services – analysis for your Discord.

Working Plan 

We will develop a plan for the marketing strategy used in your Discord. Aside from managing the regulations and channels, we also create a scheduling plan for the contents to engage the audience.

Goals Establishment 

The strategy that we do during the “working plan” stage might be too broad as it is adjusted based on the audience’s survey. Hence, we can use this stage to narrow our strategy by dissecting the ideas into some short-term goals so that it is easier to be achieved and more measurable.

Engage Consistently

Once the plan and goal have been set, it is time for us to implement those plans through the content we made. Not only do the contents, but we also think about the customer service management system in your business’s Discord as it is important when you answer to customer’s comments and inquiries. If any issues or ideas pop up throughout the channels, we will filter it for the next content.

Data Analysis 

This is the stage when we measure the strategy that we have implemented to your business. We can see from the number of users, level of activity and conversation topic they did. Knowing these elements help us in assessing the effectiveness of our work as well as the adjustments that we will perform.

Yes, you might find a more modern platform if you only need a feature of advertising your product or service. If you have a deeper purpose like improving the brand awareness. The fundamental aspect of marketing is actually taking care of your customers, and Discord provides a feature that enables you to better know your customers for the better idea’s craft and Discord Management Services provided by Digital Marketing Buzz brings you that clarity that you need to better manages your presences.

We extremely agree that bots are the unique element in Discord that makes the system work better, from communicating with customers to uploading relevant information to excel sheets. Our in-house bot developers are able to customize your personal bots that you need the most.