Why you need LOCAL SEO!


Create a presence in your local area, and via Google Geo Location tracking, Customers within the area will be able to find you!


With features like Google Map, you don’t have to worry that your customer can not find you. Local SEO ease your job of explaining where you are!


Setting up your Local SEO, creates more visibility and exposure for your business ONLINE and OFFLINE.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

Referring to localise search engine marketing, it is an extremely effective way to market and creating outreach for your local business online, it helps the growth of the businesses to promote their product and services to local customers on the digital space online. It is valuable for all businesses in any sectors, strategizing in boosting website rankings in searches.

Whenever ever users conduct searches, there are many combinations and formations of possible descriptions which appears in search result – search engine result page which are not a traditional organic result. When your business information are in those features, you could direct more online traffic to you page and indirectly earning more opportunity for conversions.

SEO and Local SEO

The traditional SEO focus on improving and enhancing the site visibility on national or global presences scale, local SEO allows you to capture local search territory to connect with the online searchers in your targeted area locally. Allowing the capturing of local audiences more effectively in creating the linkage to connect with searchers and allowing them to purchase from your businesses.

The strategies might be the same for both SEO and Local SEO, however Local SEO Consultant solutions typically specialize in connecting searcher within your area. If you are a local store or businesses looking to boost traffic

More search query online are local intent, for instances on local business suggestion base on your current location and google would be inserting related suggestion to you where you need to determine if they are what you trying to seek for.

Local SEO Maps

We managed to influence the locals with Digital Marketing Buzz’s Local SEO services. We are very please and thankful for your help.


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Reasons to need Local SEO Agency Services

Local SEO Services

Local SEO The Statistic

Local searches to find local businesses are around 95% for Desktop users, almost 46% of all google search are base on local, up to 60% of local customers uses search engines and directories as the most direct way to find local business, almost 50% of local mobile user searches for local business information like addresses, contacts and opening hours. Many of local searches are looking on searches for specific business name or similarity on local business services, having local SEO services would better position and increasing visibility of your businesses to local searches which connecting them to be a potential conversion.

According to statistic, local advertising channels has the highest conversion level for local searches, as the big bulk of traffic points to local searches and local directories would be dominating the first page of most local search result, having your businesses listed on quality local directory sites would be extremely helpful in the conversion which also explains the importance on having Local SEO Company Services.


The Ever Growing Mobile User.

The growing numbers of mobile users, Local SEO covers both desktop and mobile users online, it would be a great investment to have local SEO comparing to traditional advertising on papers, brochures or direct mails, human behaviour are more prone in using desktop and mobile devices.

Local consumers are relying online digital space on internet to find business information, they would like to see positive reviews on products and services, who uses them and what are perks on using your products as compared to other similar company providing the same services, so if your businesses is not found on local search result, it is very likely your business would be missing out on potential sales and conversion. Growing of your businesses with local SEO is a way to boost your visibility over your competitors, judging from the increasing online searches and local search intend from local searches. You can give your businesses a competitive edge from other local businesses as local search marketing trend are going stronger and more prominent in time to come.


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