Are you losing these customers to
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46% of all Google Searchers are Local?

With people making use of google to search for the things near them such as “near me” function. We can tell that Local SEO will definitely become extremely valuable to local store owner. Having your customers to find you through Location Base Search Optimization is essential as it increases your exposure to them and indirectly increasing your credential.

Local SEO - Shopping Online Shops
Local SEO Location Checking

74% of in-store shoppers search for infomation such as the closet stores near them, locations, instock near them hours, directions and contact  information before going to the store!

Internet had made life closer to one another, with a click of your finger you can find everything near you! Searchers as well, they want to find similar services that appeared to their Local Searches before exploring the standard search result in the google search. Through the search result, they will like to find out important in-store information before they head down to your store, which is why your information of your store is highly important to be always up to date.

93.4% of the shoppers said that customers reviews plays an important factor to their purchases.

As people are getting more and more technically prudent, gaining knowledge of the things they are going to purchase, and finding out the vendor selling the product is an essential task to begin with. Having a good review on your social media will help you to establish yourself better in front of your customers online.

Given the benefits of technology, consumers will research on your social media count to find out the credibility of the retailer. In which consist of, reviews, product display, activeness, and engagement. A healthy social media account will win favors with the new audience.

Local SEO - Review Rating
Location Base Search Engine Optimization - Ranking Review

90% of social media users try to reach out to the retailers.

Local consumers are relying online digital space on internet to find business information such as reviews! Comparing with your competitors, so if your businesses is not found on local search result. It is very likely your business would be missing out on potential sales and conversion.

Growing of your businesses with Local SEO is a way to boost your visibility over your competitors, judging from the increasing online searches and local search intend from local searches. You can give your businesses an edge from others.

What is  Local SEO Service?

Referring to localize search engine marketing, it is an extremely effective way to market and creating outreach for your local business online, it helps the growth of the businesses to promote their product and services to local customers on the digital space online. It is valuable for all businesses in any sectors, strategizing in boosting website rankings in searches.

Whenever ever users conduct searches, there are many combinations and formations of possible descriptions which appears in search result – search engine result page which are not a traditional organic result. When your business information are in those features, you could direct more online traffic to you page and indirectly earning more opportunity for conversions.

How can we helps you ?

We are the leading Local SEO Agency in Singapore! If your looking for a Website Developers, Social Media Artist and SEO Specialist, we are ready to serve. Get yourself rank higher in google, location base search optimization through Digital Marketing Buzz Today!

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Frequence Asked Questions

Not Sure? Let Us Try To Answer Some of Your Concern

What is Local SEO Exactly?

You must have skip the whole article and come straight to the FAQ!

No worries, Local SEO basically means Searches base on Location to understand what they are looking for! You can click on our Local SEO articles to understand more about what is Local SEO and how can you do it yourself FOR FREE!

Click Here to Go to Our Local SEO Articles Guide!

How much does SEO cost in Singapore

The Cost of SEO in Singapore ranges between $850 to $3000 per month. It is subjected the many factors such as the keywords and ranking you are looking at. We usually advise our client to start small and grow from there to achieve the optimal dollar value effort.

Is it worth doing SEO? Can I see the ROI immediately?

I had a customer asking me such a question before, and my answer to him is what if you dont do?

Everyone is going Digital and having said that is already scary enough to kill your business. What we can do for you is create a smaller platform for you to start with and understand both your audience and your products and getting your whole digital presence ready before the big spending so that you know your ROI can be achieved when you spend correctly.

What will I see after sign up with Digital Marketing Buzz Local SEO Package?

Your Local SEO presence will improved, you will find yourself found in Google Map, and ranked higher than before in the Google Map Search. Your viewership will increases and higher amount of traffic will draw to your website as well.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Us today!

Why should I choose Digital Marketing Buzz?

The Obvious answer is that we are technically better and more experience! We had been around the market since 2007, with more than 10 years of experience with Location Base Search Optimization, we are sure your Local SEO Performance will definitely improved. Check Out Our Reviews and Youtube Testimonial to under us better!

How I know you are the one for me?

Well you can check out yourselves today!

Go to Google – Type Florist in Yishun. and you can see our customer (Flower Deluxe on the first page of google), give her a call and find out more!

This is the confident we have in our product and services.

I want Guaranteed result! I want to be top of all my competitors

Unfortunately, the answer is NO! We wished we could too, but there are too many factor leading to Digital Marketing.

This is because, we can not control how people will react to your marketing campaign, but base on our experience and research, and numerous testing we can find out the way to communication your product to the market.

Is there a min Commitment to your package?

The Good News is there isn’t a min Contract agreement. your account is managed and billed on monthly service, and it is made in the way as we understand Local Business Owner’s cashflow is an issue and will like the flexibility to ease their grow.

Can I do Local SEO myself?

100% Possible, as a matter of fact, you can follow our Youtube Channel and Our Newsletter to learn with us as well! We offered FREE Local SEO Guide to help you and your business to grow without any agency to assist you!

But obviously, we have the experience that will save your learning cycle and time, which is essential to a heartland local business person like you!