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 an internet marketing methodology

Search Visibility

SEO services enable and improve website to a higher ranking in search engines and increase their visibility to cater to a bigger audience.

Increasing Traffic

 We magnified what is working on fine to have continuous improvement which are team are determined to achieve.

Improved Website Behavior

Be it statistically or base of human behavioural instinct, whenever you would like to find out certain information it begins with a search on the search engine.

Why is SEO essential ?

There are many more similar comments stating they are coping well even without SEO services, if its already doing well why do they need to input changes to their marketing or company expenses. The truth being told, any form and scale of business would need SEO to reach greater heights in this digitalisation era, if you got also witness the change of traditional businesses going through automation and digitalisation enhancement to increase productivity and business models has be revamped in order to keep up with the ever changing world to cater for the needs or developing a new market to increase revenue. 


Thank you, Digital Marketing Buzz! They had successfully ranked our website to first page of google, and improved how our website flow.


- Sathia | Palmoil Analytics

Be Found

As mentioned earlier on, information are search on search engine, if you website is not visible when there is a search on it, you will be losing potential revenue and the worse part is they are likely to increase the sales revenue of your close competitor. Therefore its essential to increase your branding and market value for your website, with gradual commitment to your SEO efforts, the result will only be better as time goes on.


Why Us?

Digital Marketing Buzz is a company of firm believes are delivering the correct result for each requirement, we always look at things from the client’s perspective, there would be monthly review on analytics and we build on your business credibility on google search result to ensure its stays on the first page of search result. We would worked very closely with our client to find out the result there would like to achieve and how we are going to play our part in ensuring we reached the destination. All reports and analytics are transparent for viewing and we put an explanation on all the existing figures that is on recorded.


Frequently Asked Questions

Select Keywords

Improve your On-Page

Watch Your Ranking Grow

SEO Consultation and Roadmaps

Keywords Selection

Finding your potential customer would type on google that might be relevant to your businesses and research on what your competitors is targeting on, so we could analyse to see which is a bigger field of audience to select your keywords, there could be analytics on the volume of searches on monthly average, we could further understand and predict where the main focus of the traffic is from.

Technical SEO

Technical factors would also be in consideration on page loading speed, content published, we would also need ensure and assure the quality of content, attractive meta description for pages of the website, having the right headers that contains the correct keywords.

Responsive Design

Mobile friendliness is a criteria now for Google to rank your website. Given the fact that if your website is not mobile friendly, Google will even de-rank your website. As viewers are gaining numbers on the mobile, so Google wants to make sure everyone get the best in their search.


Content is King, that had been the fact that matters now as everyone wants to rank first page of Google. Creating a dynamic article to push your specific keyword to rank.


At Digital Marketing Buzz, we will be ensuring a pleasant journey and you would not be burdened with all the technicality of doing up your SEO, we have a team that is dedicated in providing professional and timely response to your enquiries.


We increase your visibility in search engine result and analysing on areas for improvement, we would also be monitoring the need for a change of keywords to have the increase in search volume.

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