Search Credibility

Investing your time in SEO will enhance your business in the long term. Getting the top rank in the search engine represents your company’s credibility! Moreover, SEO supports the content marketing you deliver to the audience, as search engines crawl your site 24/7, so it helps to generate leads for your business too!

Stand Out Competitive Market

Businesses from various sectors and scales compete with each other by shifting their traditional method to automation and digitization. If your competitors are there, there is no way to avoid SEO, so you need to be there! Identifying your competitors and analyzing them using S-W-O-T analysis will inspire you to make you one of a kind in the market.

Customer’s Experience

Dealing with SEO also means being aware to serve or deliver your website to the customers. Not only that the website needs to be made user-friendly, but it also needs to improve the customer’s experience. The usability of your website improved through the robust site structure and navigation, high-quality content and responsive features.

What is SEO

Why is SEO essential ?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a series of processes to optimize the performance of your business website, in particular, search engines like Google. Maximizing your website means making an all-out effort to spot the first page on Google to cater for a larger audience.

The first page gives a sense of higher quality and reputability, so only a few customers click on the second page. Any form and scale of business would need SEO to reach greater heights in this digitization era. You will witness the change of traditional companies going through automation and digitization enhancement to increase productivity. Business models revamp to keep up with the ever-changing world to cater for the needs of developing a new market to increase revenue.

Sathia | Palmoil Analytics

Thank you, Digital Marketing Buzz! They had successfully ranked our website to first page of google, and improved how our website flow.

Be Found

As mentioned earlier, information is a search on the search engine; if your website is not visible when there is a search, you will be losing potential revenue. The worse part is it increases the sales revenue of your close competitor. Therefore it’s essential to increase your branding and market value for your website; with a gradual commitment to your SEO efforts, the result will only be better as time goes on.

Why Us?

Digital Marketing Buzz is a company of firm belief in delivering the correct result for each requirement. We always look at things from the client’s perspective, there would be a monthly review on analytics, and we build on your business credibility on google search results to ensure its stays on the first page of search results.

We would work very closely with our client to find out the result there would like to achieve and how we will play our part in ensuring we reach the destination. All reports and analytics are transparent for viewing, and we put an explanation on all the existing figures that are recorded.


SEO Consultation and Roadmaps

We value the process while helping our customers, as we believe that the accurate result will be produced once we have finished the process well.

Frequence Asked Questions

Not Sure? Let Us Try To Answer Some of Your Concern

A good SEO strategy is tailored to the needs of a particular website but in general, this is some typical goal that is part of the strategy (don’t forget that a good SEO strategy is not just about SEO).

Content marketing – Everything starts with good content and your mission is not only to publish content but also to create content that users want to read and share.

SEO On-Page – This is more important than ever and is one of the first milestones in your strategic plan. Before doing anything else you need to perform SEO On-Page first and then move on to the next to-do items.

Off-Page SEO – Link building is still an important ranking factor so you have to learn what you can do and what not to do to get good results.

Social network marketing – When you reach the point where you have great content and a great website, the next step is obviously to use the power of social networking and distribute your content in social networks differently.

There is an SEO strategy like using GPS to get you from point A to point B. In this case, point A is your starting point and point B is what you want to achieve online. Each SEO strategy varies and depends on the type of business (website), ongoing competition, the complexity of the appropriate location and the availability of budgets and resources.

Don’t mention time in SEO, your job is never really completed because SEO is not a one-time contract. This is an investment that requires constant maintenance and care to maintain results.

There is no definitive answer on how long SEO will have results because no one controls the search engines and the ever-changing requirements. In addition, every website is different. You can’t measure how much hours, days, weeks or months of making SEO will take you, you can’t measure the number of hours you should spend doing it.

There is no quick fix for website rankings. You will need to spend some time working on your SEO strategy, but the effort will be slow but sure. Perseverance will prevail, just stick with it to achieve your goals.

Most companies don’t offer back guarantee. Because the Best SEO Firms Don’t Offer Guaranteed Results. So that don’t ever think that there is a money back guarantee.

Now that, “The Search Engines Expressly Warn Against It” – Google’s official statement reads:

No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.

There are some of the SEO services they will offer writer services including SEO and non-SEO article, web content and copy ads also. Because SEO is a long term journey and it requires a big feature combine together so that there could have this offer.