Social Media Marketing more than just a Technology

Social media does not erase humanity, instead it improves your sense of empathy because YOU ARE TRAINED TO CARE MORE.

What is the Importance of Social Media Marketing?

The Audiences

76% of consumers buy products or know services from social media posts. Definitely proof that your brand’s social media depends on your consumer’s attention. And… that attention goes to social media, which also changes the way they purchase. 

Social Media Marketing Audiences

The Platforms

78% of consumers find the product they are interested in through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. It represents that consumers are already aware of the existence of social media, and it becomes their lives.

People intend to open their social media, explore the offerings and decide to buy only from social media! Social media is a one-stop solution for them to solve their needs.

Leads Generation 

There is a significant growth to the shopping frequency of customers nowadays in social media, compared to the real-face communication. 85% of consumers open social media daily and the rest of them at least shop online from social media once a week or more.

This is not just a number. Your business needs to find and engage with these customers to be the catalyst that leads to a sale.

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Managing Your Social Media Marketing

Okay, I have understood that social media holds an important role for my business. Then, my question will be how to manage so many social media that the community offers to effectively reach out our business’s potential customers for eventual conversion?

Good! Now you are on the right path. As your mind agrees with the importance of social media, we will help you to precisely manage it precisely so that your business can connect with the community base to boost the leads and sales.

Examine the Current Social Media Marketing Presence

Rather than jumping directly to plan the content or choose the social media that are appropriate for your business, you have to know your position in the social presence right now.

The aspect that you can use as an audit can be the platform you use, the content you upload, the way you optimize the social media compared to your competitors.

Managing Social Media Marketing

Identify your Ideal Customers

The aim of marketing goes beyond  selling your product. Marketing is about maintaining a customer’s relationship, and it can only be done if you really understand who your customers actually are.

So, in order to make your product or service fits the customer’s needs you need to be specific in documenting your customers, both from the perspective of your product (the target customers you create in mind from the beginning), the journey that has happened (current customers), and the future opportunity (potential customers).

There are several aspects that might help you to know the exact type of your customers like age, demographic, profession, social media used, purchasing power, and buying behavior.

Create a KPI

Managing social media is not only about the implementation, but if you really take care of your business and your customers, you want your social media to improve right? Just as you want more customers to buy your product or use your services compared to the previous months, your social media’s performance also needs to be improved.

Improving something requires a key success metric as the guidance before the execution and the evaluation after the execution. Several metrics that are usually used by businesses to manage their social media are reach, total shares, conversion rate, and time spent.

Create Engaging Content

If you have read carefully before coming up to this point, you know that there are several vital steps that need to be taken before planning and creating the content to the right social media channels.

The previous steps armed you with important information so the content and social media you use to promote your business can be more precisely targeted to your customers.

In order to create the content, you have to know about the content marketing strategy as it is the attractive element in your social media.

Track, Analyze and Optimize

This step is more likely the first step, which means you examine your social media’s performance after doing a deep research and planning. You can adjust it based on your business’s culture related to the time period of evaluation you need to do.

Some businesses do it weekly because the trend in the modernized era is changing rapidly, while other businesses choose to analyze using the measurement metrics monthly.

Please keep in mind that there is no fixed formula for social media marketing, thus we have to make changes progressively and open our mind for the trial and error process.

The Right Choice for Your Social Media Marketing Agency

We are the one-stop solution for your needs to improve the digital presence for your business. There are several steps you need to do to manage your social media. It will be exhausting if you do all of them alone. You need experts to ensure your investment is worth it. As a creative marketing agency, we are committed to build an active and engaging social media presence through four services:

Social Media Management

Our social media marketing experts will help manage your social media business account by ensuring all the marketing advertising and content uploaded are in accordance with the research we have done before executing it. Additionally, we will create an understandable time plan to make all the digital marketing materials are uploaded on time.

Facebook Marketing

The fact that 2 billion people worldwide are actively using Facebook, we encourage your business to utilize this platform for your business. We help researching, analyzing, and implementing the plan on this platform. Our Facebook experts are a performance-based team, thus we use a set of analytical tools to collect information about your ideal customers so the campaign and content will be laser-targeted.

Instagram Marketing

With roughly one billion monthly active users, Instagram takes the lead as the most used social media worldwide. As we are renowned as the local SEO agency, it represents that Instagram, as the most used social media, is also our expertise. We speak fluently on social media. This means that we’re gonna help you create images or infographics that make users stop their scrolling, captions that make them think, and marketing strategies that are enjoyable for your clients.

Influencer Marketing

Not every famous artist is appropriate to promote your business. Therefore, we come to help you find the right voice, for the right message that will be delivered to the customer. Having an influencer as your marketing strategy could improve the brand awareness and promote the color you give in your company. We help you communicate and manage the fit influencer to the right targeted followers for your brand.

Community Engagement

When we talk about social media, it talks more beyond technology. It talks about community, where people can engage together, sharing hobbies and experiences they have. It is very important for your business to be engaged with a certain community that reflects your brand’s identity. Once you have grown a community based on your brand, it can create a stronger sense of ownership and convert your followers into paying customers. Digital Marketing Buzz will establish a consistent service for social media listening and engagement to monitor your community and renew it in a certain period of time to stay updated with the current trends.

Social Media Reporting

We will not leave you alone after doing our project! It is our responsibility to provide you with the accurate stats that show the progress of your social media presence after being handled by our team. The continuous analysis will be seen as a room of improvement so that we can change certain strategies or think of new ideas according to the result. In the future, your team can consider whether or not to implement our suggestion to further build a stronger social media presence.

FAQ For Social Media Marketing Services

My business works in the field of agriculture. Is it still significant to use social media marketing?

It depends on whether your audiences’s attention important to you? Social media marketing can be utilized by any type of businesses, but again, it depends on the strategies of managing it. It is not affected by the field of your business, because its function can be applied to many sectors.

The importance of social media is not about whether it is appropriate or not for my business’s field, but it is about the strategy of managing real people that soon will return on investment. Being active on your social media daily will improve your brand’s awareness and help customers do not lose their track into your brand.

Social media marketing is a strong platform to influence customer’s purchasing decisions from boosting the advertisement to Q&A games that you can hold through the stories or Instagram Live. 

What are the challenges if I do the social media marketing of my business by myself?

If you are not familiar with advertisement tools, it will be too difficult to handle because to launch an effective campaign, you need expertise with the right skill-sets. Otherwise, you just throw the marketing budget you spend for your ads because it is not delivered to the right customers. 

We see that the role of bots is important in Discord, however, could we choose particular bots that affect the most to our business?

There are many tools out there that can also be used to measure the specific customers before we upload the content like Quora, Sway, Feedly, Subreddits, LinkedIn Pulse, and Digg Deeper. These tools will help keep your followers engaged with your brand by sharing valuable and relevant content that helps them find solutions to their needs.

How much should I spend on social media marketing?

When planning a budget for your marketing campaign, you have to allocate between 15% and 25% of your marketing funds on organic and paid advertising. On average, it will take SGD 1.50 to direct a lead from your social media platform to your website.

Please take note that the higher budget does not always mean it guarantees customer’s engagement because it depends whether or not you have done research about your specific customers and adjusted the campaign according to your goal.

If there are several negative comments in the content I upload through social media, would it be better if I delete it?

We know that those negative comments can leave a scarce to your brand, however, some social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter do not have the “delete” option. So, if you want those comments to disappear, you can hide them in the ‘Settings’ tab, on Facebook and for Twitter, you can block the offending user, report the user for spam, or mute tweets from the user.

Unfortunately, you cannot handle the negative comments all the time, so we suggest you face these comments by responding to the user and offering a solution.