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Base of statistic of 2018, the average hours users spend on social media platforms is on the rise over the years, the average hours from daily time spend on social media had increased to 2.22 hours and the trend is still on the rise. Social Media platform would be youtube, facebook, snapchat, Instagram and twitter. The increasing amount of time spend would denotes that social media is one of the if not the biggest platform digitally online if one would need this for marketing their businesses reaching out to potential customer for eventual conversion.

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So we are aware of the biggest platform to advertise and creating outreach to the mass public, we need to choose the correct channel for specific social media services, are we looking for business to business, business to consumers, each social media channels have different targeted audience and preferred users. Facebook would be one of the most popular social network with close to a Billion users. Analyse your business needs and who might be keen to find out more, which channel will be more relevant in driving the potential audience to your campaign. Its essential to understand and study the behaviour of your clients in terms of age, occupation, gender and all the necessary information to capture the correct audience in the correct network where they are interested in using. Hence knowing the biggest audience is only the first step, the second is identifying where the potential audience is.

Strategy Planning

Once the identifying is done, we will move on to strategy planning and creating the profile with the determined style and unique branding. It doesn’t matter on the scale of your business to justify using social medial services to attract more potential customers, how you are going to advertise your products and services to the mass public, most common queries would be when, where, what, who and how to start your social media strategies. The directions would need to be set to in ensuring achieving of milestones along this journey, most of the time a detailed strategy planning would stretch as long as 12 months, having the numbers of related posting, content creation and steps to be taken to achieve to end result. All this start from naming of your social profile and account created and ensuring its SEO-friendly.

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Research and Marketing Goals

After identifying targeted audience, the next stage would be analysing on their interests and behaviour on how to capture their attention. There are also a few tools and platform to track your campaign performances and generating detailed report for your review. However detailed it might be, it would be straining and repetitive for a layman to run through all the reports and deriving insights on the figures shown. Digital Marketing Buzz Pte Ltd would be able to provide you with all the insights on the performance to maintain or further enhance the result. Our professional team members would be reviewing all the facts and figures with you in attaining the goals set for your social media marketing.

Campaign and Content Management

Once the goals are set for either increasing website traffic, increasing conversions, creating a standardize branding outlook and targeting key audiences. Brainstorming of ideas would be essential in creating the flow of events and posting of content which leads to meaningful storytelling and as well as building consistent branding images. As different social media marketing platform would need a different approach base on its users environment, it will be crucial to have a tailormade solution.

Publishing and Crisis Management

Scheduling of interesting and yet meaningful content would create an increase of engagements and finding the right timing to post to cater to the correct audiences. Its not easy to plan and work out a year of scheduling if you have international audiences with different timezone as there might be clashes on the publishing of the content with real time events, always bear in mind to create consistency, direct and short content, having an archive for the images, interactive and ensuring a healthy quantity of sharing, this could be achieve by having tagging or sharing campaign to get more people to be involve and aware of your company and branding.

If you are a small operating businesses, its quite straining or not economical having you as the business owner to be 24/7 monitoring your social media space and being the person who received all the feedbacks and addressing to them. Digital Marketing Buzz would be dedicated to address all the questions and feedbacks with timely response and upkeeping the standards of client reputation management. We are your additional manpower needed for your social media management, we provide one-stop service solution from planning to administration of the project.

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