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Invest your money in website development

Have you ever thought that your website is the first element your customers will visit once they hear about your products or services? A website is your business asset that protects your brand identity to maximize revenue.

The e-commerce activities are projected to grow by 21.3% in 2019, pointing to the vital role of websites in sales activity to attract more customers. However, the era of digitization urges businesses to catch up with the pace of technology, so many companies use them as a weapon to win the competition. So, be aware that it is not only you who want to attract customers.

The market is packed, and you only have a short time to keep your customers engaged with your website. 66% of people prefer to see something beautifully designed and useful websites if only given 15 minutes (WebFx, n.d.). Otherwise, you will be abandoned and say goodbye to the potential customers!


Generating a high ROI with our website development!

Do you want to get rid of any chance of feeling regret because you lose the competition in the market? Do not do those complex jobs alone! Our experts are ready to accompany you throughout the journey of constructing a website from scratch until the finish line.

We ensure high-quality and personalized service to our clients since we know that different businesses might require unique boosters to develop their websites. Our experienced website developers and designers will lead you to dive deeper into the SEO world, where your website is optimized.


The Best Web Development Team in Singapore

Proven Credibility

We do not mean to boast about our achievements. Still, the award given by BestinSingapore as one of the best local SEO in Singapore represents our quality as a one-stop solution for your business’s needs to be prominent in digital presence.

As a result of the poor and unattractive design, your website could look fraudulent to your audience since the website is the first destination your potential customers will land at to verify the authenticity of your business. So, do you want to lose your prospective customers because your website design does not portray your reliability? It is time for you to trust Digital Marketing Buzz Website Development service, and it is our responsibility to push your website to the next level.

Conversion-Oriented Development

In helping your business to build a website portal that thrives better customer reach, we provide our digital solution that is accurate and has the potential to grow the conversion of customers.

We take care of the user’s experience when your customers visit your page and will grow your client base. The strategy to achieve a higher conversion is by creating high-quality, cost-effective, and user-friendly features that make prospective customers enjoy navigating your website.

In addition, our web developers have high speed and accuracy in creating design ideas by utilizing the best technology and format to generate more leads and recognition for your business’s website.

Website Maintenance

We give more value to our work as each individual in our team agrees with the concept of long-life learning. Thus, you will not only get website planning, designing and management without it, but we will also support you with website maintenance while developing your website.

Also, in each stage of the process, we accommodate you with constant progress and feedback to improve your customer’s experience.

FAQ For Website Development Services


Is website development different from website design?

It is similar, but these two terms are actually different. When a firm offers a website design service, it emphasizes more on the website’s appearance like color, lay out and content. In contrast, a website development service talks about the full-life cycle of the website’s performance from designing, building and evolving all types of web-based software. So, when we say website development service, we give you more than just designing. Digital Marketing Buzz delivers solutions that bring transformation and enhance your business’s workflow.

Website Planning & Design 

Here, our team will help you scratch the ideas for your website and later will design the planning. In this process, we will also do the content management system that will transform your overall website (including the data) into a new and modern solution that is more user-friendly to your customers. 

Website Security and Maintenance

After we execute the idea for your business’s website, we offer you our maintenance and support service by fixing bugs, enhancing the website’s scalability continually, and doing the security audit and updates to protect the data and the users. 

Website Improvement and Evaluation  

This service added value to you because here we offer you to extend your journey with us more than just for designing and executing. In this category, we show the report of the conversion rate as a result of our work to you, and renew our strategy and design according to the current trends of your website’s visitors. Additionally, we can help you to adapt your website for mobile phones and tablets to make it more accessible by any customers. As we learn from the evaluation, we will customize your website so it will be richer by giving payment solutions, advanced analytics and other tools to improve the user’s engagement.

Definitely! Our website solutions can be adopted by businesses from any sector ranging from e-commerce, banking & finance, manufacturing, insurance, logistics, education, healthcare, and other industries. Been in the digital marketing world since 2009, we have been continuously forming our services to meet our client’s demand, thus, we are aware that our clients can come from different business sectors.

We disagree with the action of stealing ideas, even our own ideas. Besides, it also shows our lack of manners and integrity. Thus, we provide a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) that you can sign. It protects your idea from other companies, even our own company.

After you approach us in our contact number, we will conduct the first meeting with you to answer your curiosity and help us know you better. Then, we can agree to a certain schedule that is good for both of us to start your project. So, we tailor everything to you.

Of course! We recommend you to choose one one representative from your company that understands IT while at the same time also has a good communication skill. This person will present you on behalf and report about our project in a simple and non-technical language.  So, you will be informed and have the chance to share your ideas through this person. It also lessens your task as you do not need to get confused about the complicated language of IT.